Cinemaraton TV

Cinemaraton TV


Cinemaraton is a local TV channel dedicated to revitalising and rediscovering Romanian films. The identity of Cinemaraton revolves around its new logo, which takes the form of stylised shooting stars. From a flexible typographic system for on-screen film title presentations, to posters featuring silhouettes of famous Romanian actors and actresses, we developed a visual platform tailored to accomodate a range of content, catering to ultimate film connoiseurs and occasional movie fans alike.

Statement of the jury

The shooting star theme was translated into a modern logo that has a strong presence with its parallel diagonal white lines and, above all, in the animation. Thus, it looks very dynamic and makes the concept idea clearly recognisable. The presence is complemented by a flexible typographic system and the stylised silhouettes of famous Romanian film stars that attract additional attention.


Excellent Communications Design
Brand Identity