Texture Cards

Texture Cards


The Texture Cards playing cards feature embossing on paper so that users can perceive information with their fingers. All signs and numbers are converted into embossment – for example, black is concave and red is convex. The cards are also double layered to avoid the signs being exposed on the back. And they are made by hand precisely and carefully with Japanese craftsmanship. These features allow all players to play without support even if they are blind or not able to read Braille like you.

Statement of the jury

Challenging, peerless and inclusive, the Texture Cards apparently redefine the traditional playing card in a contemporary, elegant form. Seemingly blank, the cards require tactile engagement in order to ascertain the information available on the surface, thus creating a level playing field for sight-impaired, as well as seeing, people.


Excellent Product Design
Sports, Outdoor Activities and Leisure