AVA Master Series

AVA Master Series


The AVA Master is the most tilt-resistant HPW on the market, due to its footprint, centre of mass and its unique extendable front support. It has a unique pivoting hose reel, allowing for a smooth feed in and out of the drum. It sports additional features, such as a tool rest for storing the lances horizontally without the need for bending your back while working and on-board soap storage. It has a steel-reinforced hose, long-lasting all-metal pump and aluminium handles, hose guide and support.

Statement of the jury

Discreet, sturdy and modish, the AVA Master Series presents as compact and contemporary whilst also appearing highly manageable. Clever new features, including an extendable anchor bar and directional hose wheel, combine well with understated colours to create a practical and innovative power washing solution.


Excellent Product Design
Gardening and Outdoor Living