Treffpunk für Ästheten

Treffpunk für Ästheten


Interior design and decoration of a 180 sqm event space for cooking events, corporate events, co-working space, exhibition space or canteen. The space is located next to the railway tracks in a former Deutsche Bahn building. The remaining delivery ramp serves the space as a terrace and outdoor area. The central area of the room is formed by a gastronomy-suitable kitchen with a large kitchen island featuring a brass sink and tap.

Statement of the jury

The industrial look of the historic railway building, with its characteristic ceiling and striking steel girders, lends the space a special charm. The minimalist design focuses on essential elements such as the cooking island and the board, as well as a few select and thoughtfully placed pieces of furniture, resulting in an elegant look overall. Large curtains improve the acoustics.


Excellent Architecture
Interior Architecture