Babybett Wiege Pendulum 2in1

Babybett Wiege Pendulum 2in1


The pendulum with a swing mechanism is a great addition to the SmartGrow 7in1. It suits both round and oval cribs. A soft tip or push swings the entire bed, and the baby can be soothed back to sleep once it starts feeling uncomfortable. The swing mechanism can be locked and therefore enables use as a swinging bed and as a stable bed. The pendulum is made of solid beech wood and matches well in quality with the bed. Height 42 cm, length round 95.5 cm and oval 146.5 cm, width 95.5 cm.

Statement of the jury

A seemingly simple, instinctive and clever addition to a traditional baby crib, the Pendulum 2in1 is easy to install and use. A straightforward locking mechanism appears to provide both a solid bed or, with a single movement, a gently swaying dynamism to aid the soothing sleep of a baby or toddler when required.


Excellent Product Design
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