drapilux A1 Sound Absorber

drapilux A1 Sound Absorber


The 950 g lightweight sound absorber drapilux A1 can be flexibly mounted in groups on walls, ceilings or, for example, (cabinet) doors and, unlike conventional absorbers, adheres to movable metal rails by use of magnets. drapilux A1 can be configured according to requirements in the various frequencies in the absorber classes A and B. The fabric covers also have air-purifying and germ-killing properties and support a healthy room climate in addition to the acoustic effect.

Statement of the jury

The sound absorbers are lightweight and easy to handle thanks to their compact size. The range of different covers available opens up even further possibilities for application. The elements can be easily attached using a magnet. A clever solution that lends rooms a special atmosphere.


Excellent Product Design
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