Neubau Büro- und Verwaltungsgebäude Fa. Löffler

Neubau Büro- und Verwaltungsgebäude Fa. Löffler


The striking building with its lively brick façade forms the new office building of the construction company Manfred Löffler GmbH and at the same time the new entrance to Hohentengen. It has been positioned and designed to perfectly represent the new location both as an individual building and in the future with the extension buildings. Especially the forecourt, the open foyer, the central airspace and the spacious terrace offer high quality spaces for the employees and visitors.

Statement of the jury

With its linear, clear architecture, the building appears very solid and robust. This image is broken up through the windows that allow plenty of light in and provide a friendly touch to the aesthetics. The brick façade underlines the expectation of quality and durability. There is a lovely contrast between the cubic architecture and the round overhead lighting in the terraced area.


Excellent Architecture