LightGlass – selbstleuchtendes Glas

LightGlass – selbstleuchtendes Glas


LightGlass is the first industrially available, self-luminous glass for the world market. Switched off,LightGlass appears to be normal multi-pane insulating glass, but when switched on it becomes a homogeneous, dimmable full-surface light source. LightGlass is available in the following variations: Brilliant White, Tuneable (HCL) and Rainbow (RGB-B). For facades – outdoor – or indoor use, as a window, skylight, door, partitioning wall, in residential buildings, shopfitting, hospitality, etc.

Statement of the jury

The luminescent glass is a glare-free light source that promises a variety of uses. An interesting product that gives rise to fascinating lighting moods and greatly expands the design options of architects and designers.


Excellent Product Design
Building Elements