The Docks

The Docks


Located opposite Frankfurt’s eastside cargo port, the idea of stacking containers turns an office building into a rare piece of architecture with clear positioning: THE DOCKS. Waterfront offices. The brand identity is shaped by the logo set in Pressura, reflecting letters stamped onto shipping boxes, the colour code and form derived from the architecture and a pattern. It is brought to life by a website, by so-called »eastside ambassadors«, a signage concept and appealing print materials.

Statement of the jury

The clear graphic design of the brand image not only takes inspiration from the iconic architecture based on stacked shipping containers, but also makes use of the characteristic aesthetic of the distinctive text graphic. This impression is consistently completed with the striking colouration of the surrounding area. A very well-executed communications design that clearly reflects the non-conformist, creative soul of East Frankfurt and is easy to apply to all media.


Excellent Communications Design
Brand Identity