Lounger 4905

Lounger 4905


Exceptional design quality combined with usability. 4905 is a user-friendly sculpture, elegant, sophisticated, innovative, filigree. Foamed shells guarantees back-pleasing experience. Innovative form follows function and ergonomics. Both seats are independently adjustable. Battery powered driven Relax features such as heart balance; Lounger is mounted on our esspecially develloped rotation mechanism. Wodden plateau features indirect light, Induction charging. numerous variantions. 3 seat tensions, spring core, Himolla test lab, 5-year warranty, certified “Blauer Engel”, Goldenes M, EMAS geprüftes Umweltmanagement, DGM Emission, Umweltpakt Bayern.

Statement of the jury

The ergonomic loungers, installed individual on the wooden frame offer extraordinary comfort when sitting and reclining thanks to the multifunctional adjustability. A clear, timelessly elegant design language, high-quality materials and additional extras such as indirect lighting, round off this exclusive design.


Excellent Product Design