cardiostrong EX80 Plus Touch

cardiostrong EX80 Plus Touch


The cardiostrong EX80 Plus Touch is the perfect solution for home fitness. Working out on this elliptical cross trainer is comfortable, effective and entertaining. In addition to the adjustable stride length, multi-position grips and the high movement quality, the EX80 Plus Touch is equipped with a 10.1 inch touchscreen console: Watch videos on Netflix, listen to Spotify or exercise while using real life video footage of over 170,000 km of running and biking.

Statement of the jury

The cardiostrong EX80 Plus touch is joint-friendly, adjustable and low-maintenance; also it is packed with features that provide a very wide variety of training options. The stride length and the resistance of the machine are adjustable and can be tailored to everyone who works out on the EX80 Plus, thus ensuring the best training efficiency for every user.


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