Revitalisierung der Launsberghütte

Revitalisierung der Launsberghütte


The Launsberghütte is situated in Kärnten in an almost untouched stretch of nature. Its outer appearance conforms to an alp typical for Kärnten. The holistic architectural as well as interior designer concept aimed at the reinstatement of the original building of wood and stone, which was rather withdrawn from a nature sensed as hostile, visibly complemented by an extension, breathing the spirit of modernism containing concrete, wood, copper, glass and an opening into nature.

Statement of the jury

With its diamond-shaped structured façade, which seamlessly blends into the gable, the construction looks extremely modern. At the same time, the stylistic elements, which correspond with the proportions of the existing buildings, form a connection between the two volumes. An interesting concept that interprets traditional architecture in a modern and contemporary way and corresponds amicably with the natural surroundings.


Excellent Architecture


Dr. Norbert Weickenmeier