Lutherkirche Pirmasens

Lutherkirche Pirmasens


Simple elegance and modern design allow for reflection. A tinted, white lime paint was used for gallery and interior walls. The colouring shows simple arches (24 carat gold leaf). In the centre of the altar area are the sandstone baptismal font and altar as well as the cross (LED technology). Flexibility in use is achieved through modern chairs. The petrol-coloured seat covers, as a complementary colour to the golden voute, create a connection between heaven and earth.

Statement of the jury

The modern, timelessly elegant design understands how to combine classic beauty and modern, puristic clarity at a highly creative level. As a complementary colour to the golden vault, the petrol-coloured seat covers indicate opulence, but remain discreetly in the background, preserving the overall impression of simplicity.


Excellent Architecture
Interior Architecture