Modulares Waschtischsystem

Modulares Waschtischsystem


Modular washbasin system The innovative washbasin system enables the integration of an adaptive handle, which also serves as a towel rail, and a modular storage system. The washbasins offer safety and ensure that all bathroom utensils are within easy reach. The material with four powder-coated stainless steel surfaces creates an elegant look. The washbasin therefore has a resistant surface and offers high gripping comfort.

Statement of the jury

The design language of the wash basin alone makes it stands out from the crowd. In addition, there is a cleverly thought-out and highly aesthetic modular storage system that makes the wash basin completely unmistakable. Particularly worthy of mention is the superbly integrated towel rail, whose angle of inclination consistently follows the front edge of the basin. The use of contrasts is also very nice.


Excellent Product Design
Bath and Wellness