Doggy Dog 2018 is a stationery series featuring 12 animal signs, which is released by ZUCZUG during the Chinese New Year. The dog is the main element in the series design, which includes calendars, books, greeting cards, red envelopes, tapes and sticker packs. ZUCZUG Lunar New Year every year for a series sale. It’s already in its seventh year. I designed the dog to be handled from a human point of view by way of personification, breaking the normal way of expression in a sensual way to express a naughty, relaxed and pleasant dog state.

Statement of the jury

Attractive dog day series. ZUCZUC published a letter paper series with 12 animal signs on calendars, books, greeting cards, envelopes, ribbons and stickers featuring the dog as central design element during the Chinese New Year. Cheeky, relaxed and cheerful in the most appealing design quality.

Special Mention

Excellent Communications Design
Integrated Campaigns and Advertising