Tortue Hamburg

Tortue Hamburg


In 2018, the Hotel TORTUE, French for turtle, opened in a revitalised historic building in the city centre of Hamburg. During the French Period, 1806 – 1814, it might have been inhabited by Napoleon himself. With the inclined serifs of the »U«, the typeface alludes to the diphthong in the French pronunciation of TORTUE, while the emblem visualises a turtle in a decorative, playful and charming way. The signet aims to combine the exclusive and unusual character of the hotel with a French touch.

Statement of the jury

The French word »Savoir-vivre« communicates the corporate design of the Hamburg hotel TORTUE into a historical building, which was used by Napoleon’s governor as a town hall. The tortoise (French: tortue) is used as a trademark, visualising the unusual and exclusive character of the hotel with charm and typographic interplay.

Special Mention

Excellent Communications Design
Corporate Identity


HGH Hotelgesellschaft mbH