Avantgarde Levels

Avantgarde Levels


The Doubletimer Levels is determined by different levels of the dial and this is where is gets its name. One level represents the time at home, the other level represents the time at another place in the world. The third level shows the company logo, the fourth level indicates the limitation. The highest level is above the calendar window. A magnifying glass is installed on a raised bridge to enlarge the date. A coloured stripe provides creativity. Limited to 99 pieces.

Statement of the jury

This limited-edition dual time watch is both striking and timeless, combining strong colours and radical elements on the face with a traditional leather strap. The complexity of the watch face is in harmony with the simple chic of the strap without belying the artisanal skill of the different gradations of time portrayed by the zones defined on differing levels.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design
Luxury Goods