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SAURIER – Giganten der Meere

SAURIER – Giganten der Meere


Marine reptiles are among the most fascinating creatures of the Mesozoic. ATHD has staged a time travel into the primeval water world with 1:1 models and over 200 exhibits for all senses. The space modules lead the visitors through the Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous periods and open up changing spatial impressions. Like a second skin, a wave lies on the curved architecture. Europe’s largest digital »palaeoaquarium« creates a lasting spatial experience on over 50 sqm.

Statement of the jury

The blend of analogue 1:1 exhibits and the latest presentation and media technology promises an unforgettable visiting experience. The digital simulation of a huge aquarium, in which the fascinating inhabitants of ancient seas move with astonishing realism before the eyes of the visitors, is an impressive highlight.

Special Mention

Excellent Architecture
Fair and Exhibition