Häfele Möbelgriff H2120 – POSÀ

Häfele Möbelgriff H2120 – POSÀ


Cylinder-shaped handles have been familiar to us for centuries with their round, comfortable appearance. The Häfele furniture handle H2120 – POSÀ varies this traditional geometry of handle bar and sockets. The asymmetrical offset of the handle bar creates a new lightness and, with its unusual design language, invites the user to grasp and discover. The surface in used-look is reminiscent of an old industrial age. The Häfele furniture handle H2120 – POSÀ also combines the old times with an invisible function that is currently of great importance in the world: The transparent coating not only increases the durability of the handle but also protects against bacterial attack with active metals.

Statement of the jury

The classic cylindrical form undergoes an original interpretation in this design by the asymmetric offsetting of base and rod. Another striking feature is the used look of the surface, which evokes the impression of industrial sturdiness and forms an interesting contrast to the playful offset.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design



Mario Mazzer