A design agency, packed and delivered to an exhibition ground – that’s DELIVERED. A spatial installation that depicts the working life cycles in the creative industry in an abstract form – from the idea to its implementation. Visitors interact and discover the peculiarities of Dart with both physical and digital tools. It’s a place to watch, discover, socialise and to return to. The aesthetics of the raw material and the seemingly random arrangement is a conscious commitment to non-conformism.

Statement of the jury

Designing the trade fair booth as a seemingly randomly stacked collection of transport boxes made of rough wood is original, attention-grabbing and whets the visitor’s curiosity. What is above all inspiring is the simplicity and associated efficiency of the concept that has been consistently implemented down to the last detail. A powerful design that playfully combines analogue standard architecture with contemporary digital contents and makes you want to set off on a voyage of discovery.


Excellent Architecture
Fair and Exhibition