Village in City

Village in City


Hong Kong is a Vertical City. A kindergarten in the podium of a tower is common. Kids study in boxes called classrooms with colourful decorations. The teaching philosophy of the kindergarten is Reggio. The two main concepts are that kids are active constructors of knowledge and that they are part of a big community. It is achieved firstly by providing different scenarios for children to explore from different angles, at multiple levels and through various scales, and secondly, by providing a village with a Central Plaza.

Statement of the jury

The integration of iconic mini-house objects in the cubic architecture of the high-rise building is formally successful at a high design level. Different sizes and proportions allow the small complex to appear wonderfully lively, friendly and inviting without being excessively garish. A child-friendly design that leaves plenty of room for playing, learning and making your own discoveries.

Special Mention

Excellent Architecture
Interior Architecture


Kendall International Preschool