Ehrenfried-Walther-von- Tschirnhaus-Gymnasium

Ehrenfried-Walther-von- Tschirnhaus-Gymnasium


The guiding idea was to design a school campus that encourages students to learn actively, emotionally and socially, to exercise in general, while at the same time creating places of peace and tranquility. An important intention of the design was to see the listed school building from the 1950s as an integral part of the overall development, while retaining its historical character, and to shape the interface between the old and new in a way that makes it clearly preceptible.

Statement of the jury

The clear design combined with cleverly integrated windows looks friendly and inviting – an impression that continues throughout the inside, promising visitors a high- quality stay. The way in which the design harmonises aesthetically with the existing historical building has worked really well.

Special Mention

Excellent Architecture
Eco Design


Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Schulverwaltungsamt, STESAD GmbH