Gerflor EUROSHOP 2020

Gerflor EUROSHOP 2020


At EUROSHOP 2020, Gerflor is presenting a new digital service. The floor decor can be individually adapted to the customer’s interior. To make clear that the decor adapts to the visual needs of the customer, the floor covering for the exhibition stand adapts to the furniture, fabrics and lamps. As the flooring plays the main role the entire exhibition stand optically consists of only one floor area. The six-metre-high wall to the neighbouring stand becomes part of the floor via a large groove in between.

Statement of the jury

The idea of extending the base as concave moulding into the vertical attracts a high degree of attention, which is further enhanced by the originally placed furniture that merges with the design. A special stand design that achieves the greatest possible effect with comparatively simple means.

Special Mention

Excellent Architecture
Fair and Exhibition