Neuland FineOne®

Neuland FineOne®


The Neuland FineOne® is a consistently sustainable marker for a wide range of creative applications. Its puristic but dynamic design is reminiscent of the tools of the calligraphy master. In addition to the ergonomic handling and clean design, the focus is on sustainability. It comes with replaceable writing/drawing tips and is refillable thanks to the proven refill system. The magnetic and therefore flexible Neuland FineStand® is an ideal addition to the product line.

Statement of the jury

The Neuland FineOne® stands out with its ergonomic handle, making it perfect for holding in your hand. A well thought-out work tool with useful details. It looks very professional, taking sustainability into account and, thanks to its timeless, elegant styling, it will also win you over from an aesthetic point of view too.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design
Workshop and Tools