The Macallan Visitor Experience

The Macallan Visitor Experience


The Macallan Visitor Experience stages the myth, history and art of distilling premium whisky through a spatial expression of the brand. A visitor routing was embedded in the actual production hall, interacting with the distillery’s impressive architecture and the surrounding landscape to achieve an atmospheric and intense experience. The exhibition is characterised by high-quality information pillars and walkable pavilions. They provide access to the history and brand values of The Macallan.

Statement of the jury

The visitor gets to fully enjoy the whisky experience directly linked with the The Macallan brand at partially accessible, always fantastically staged locations. Appealing to all the senses, each one of which is a highlight in itself. The fact that the building itself, where the exhibition was effortlessly integrated, perfectly represents the brand and its values, is simply logical.


Excellent Architecture
Fair and Exhibition