Smart QUIZ

Smart QUIZ


Avantgarde, creativity and non-conformity is in the QUIZ Collection’s DNA. A design that breaks all the established rules. Smart QUIZ features an innovative design that consists of three different high-definition finishes created by Acquabella, such as the Beton, Zero and Ethnic textures. A combination of textures that create the stunning Smart QUIZ shower tray, which has a drain hidden in the centre, with a grating that is fully integrated into the shapes of the shower tray.

Statement of the jury

The design, made up of different-sized, polygonal tile elements, makes the shower floor something really special. An interesting solution that meets high design and quality standards by using attractive material optics and textures. Another good solution was the drain cover, which has been perfectly integrated into the polygran-tile design.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design
Bath and Wellness