Reima Voyager Jacket

Reima Voyager Jacket


We designed the Voyager jacket to save the environment for our kids. Made from a single material, it designed to be 100% recyclable and built to last. This kids’ jacket is waterproof and breathable. Each Voyager has a unique ID, which you can register after purchase to follow its journey from one user to the next, all the way to recycling. When the Voyager reaches the end of its life, you can return it to a Reima store so that it can be reborn into new polymers and products.

Statement of the jury

The Voyager jacket raises the bar for waterproof fashion in terms of sustainability, without losing out in elegance or style. The removable hood also allows for a functional addition when required to an otherwise fashionable, contemporary piece of active wear for children.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design
Eco Design