Coffee Nap Roasters 2nd

Coffee Nap Roasters 2nd


Wherever I sit on the hill becomes my space, a place to relax. This “hill” located in the corner of an alleyway in Yeon-nam Dong will catch your eye. This cafe got rid of the concept that a space had to have tables and chairs in order for one to sit. Getting rid of the tables and chairs created diverse ways of sitting, and wherever one sat there was a different view of the space and scenery. This small space is a place where one can enjoy a cup of coffee wherever one chooses to rest.

Statement of the jury

The gently ascending incline of clay bricks forms a refreshingly unconventional form of seating. An interesting idea for a café that completely breaks with the pattern of arranged chairs and tables and as a result provides an unconventional restaurant experience.

Special Mention

Excellent Architecture
Retail Architecture