U-Bahnhof Rotes Rathaus Berlin

U-Bahnhof Rotes Rathaus Berlin


The »Underground Station Rotes Rathaus« was opened in December 2020. The design identity is created by a strong concept of flowing space, expressive oval mushroom columns, materiality and meticulously designed details. The wall surfaces are made of fibre-reinforced concrete panels resembling polished terrazzo, an innovative use of materials. The design communicates the idea of movement and dynamics of travelling underground. Clarity, personal sense of security and well-being arise from the design.

Statement of the jury

Many — primarily older — metro stations feel uncomfortably dark and narrow. Not so for the »Rotes Rathaus Berlin« metro station, opened in 2020. Its open, clearly structured architecture and impactful supporting framework of mushroom-like pillars gives the pleasant impression of a generous and open space. Another interesting feature is the special material used for the walls made of recycled construction rubble. The polished dark terrazzo tiling has a very high quality appearance and forms an exciting contrast with the light surfaces of the pillars, ceiling and floor. At the same time, the modern clarity of the design conveys a pleasant feeling of personal safety and comfort. Similarly, the rigorously minimalist design, which in its entirety conveys the idea of the movement and dynamism of underground light railway systems, was implemented with an exceptionally acute appreciation for design.


Excellent Architecture


BVG Projekt GmbH für die Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe


Collignon Architektur und Design GmbH