Whether you want crispy roasts, delicious vegetables or light and airy, golden croissants: thanks to its gentle, uniform steam production, the »BORA X BO« Flex oven guarantees perfect cooking results – even when rustling up three fully loaded trays at once! The automatic steam extraction prevents hot steam from escaping into the room when you open the door. The »BORA X BO« can be used for roasting, baking, steaming and much more besides.

Statement of the jury

The »BORA X BO« is the latest high-quality steam oven in the company's ongoing expansion of their range. Thanks to gentle and uniform steam production, the oven promises perfect cooking results and leaves nothing to be desired with regard to comfort and ease of use when it comes to handling by an intuitive display. A sensible feature is the automatic steam extraction, which ensures that when the door is opened, hot steam doesn't escape into the room. The elegant minimalist design of the BORA X BO is impressive down to the last detail in terms of aesthetics and form, making it perfect for use in architectonically purist kitchens.


Excellent Product Design