Malvína Day Nursery

Malvína Day Nursery


Malvína and Eda are exacting clients. Shaped by their one-year long lives, they can show a smile spread across just a few teeth or burst into tears without compromise. While Malvína prefers doing wild performances on yellow mats, Eda appreciates creating and drawing – he makes abstract art exclusively, which is afterwards curated by his favourite art collector – his daddy. Malvina and Eda are athletes and tourists primarily, thus we prepared an adventurous playing environment.

Statement of the jury

As colourful as it is imaginative, the design of the »Malvína Day« nursery offers children plenty of freedom and flexibility while they play. A finely thought-out design, both from a pedagogical and the children’s point of view, it promotes not only creative development but also social togetherness.  


Excellent Architecture
Interior Architecture