Blast UV™ Disinfector

Blast UV™ Disinfector


Blast UV is a portable yet powerful UV-C disinfector, up to 100,000 times more efficient than a regular 99.9% UV-C sanitizer or wet wipes which leave harmful chemical residues! In lab tests, Blast UV killed 99.999999% of S. Aureus and 99.9921% of Human Coronavirus 229E (a COVID-19 surrogate) in just 5 minutes. A triple fail-safe mechanism, ultra-reflective UV-C shielding lining and a transparent platform guarantee safe and 360˚ disinfection. Folds to the size of a wallet yet fits big objects.

Statement of the jury

»Blast UV« allows objects to be disinfected comfortably and safely both at home and on the go. Without chemicals. Thanks to its clever folding mechanism, the device, with its impressive simple intuitive handling, can be transported in a space-saving way.  


Excellent Product Design



Studio Gooris
Bombol Limited