CS chair

CS chair


Designed as an armchair with stealth folding capability, CS chair has clever, minimal folding mechanisms with axes hidden in the seat and armrests. Monochromatic components give a uniform, elegant impression.

CS chair can be easily folded simply by lifting the handle on the back of the seat, which also serves as a carrying handle. This affords convenient, one-handed portability.

Freestanding on its crossed legs when folded, like an insouciant boulevardier, it yet nests three in the space of an unfolded chair. CS chair suavely inhabits any environment, from cafe to conference room.

Statement of the jury

The folding mechanism on the »CS chair« is so subtly integrated that it is only recognisable as such when folded. An elegant design solution that fits into many environments with its filigree aesthetics.  


Excellent Product Design



Bow Design Ltd.