Die Eine für alle: Der neue Markenauftritt der AOK

Die Eine für alle: Der neue Markenauftritt der AOK


The AOK is Germany’s largest health insurance company, providing health coverage to more than 26 million people. But the enormous size proved to be a challenge. Different regional campaigns had led to fragmentation and incoherence of the brand. The aim was to revitalise and unify the design of Germany’s No.1 health brand and to create a design experience that reflects the values of AOK: empathetic, approachable, with a clear and strong vision. A new, more human font was created. A new colour code was introduced. And the “Tree of Life” symbol was freed from its captivity within the “o” to make room for it to evolve into a larger brand icon.

Statement of the jury

The goal of fundamentally revitalising and standardising the design of AOK was achieved at a high level of design ensuring a high degree of recognisability. And this is handled at 360° across all media and communication channels. From the iconic logo to the modern and friendly font to the contemporary illustrations, the new website appears pleasantly human, true to life and, above all, on an equal footing with the insured. We succeeded in creating a design that appeals equally to all generations and makes them feel at ease. It’s a great design achievement that represents AOK in a forward-looking way.


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