Volgare's interiors draw inspiration from Milan's "creative scene" as well as the colors and shapes of Mexican, Moroccan, Spanish and Portuguese design. It features a multifaceted mix of organic tones and textures, iconic Amalfitan coastal lifestyle, due to the mix of eras, materials, patterns and colors in a bold way. This eclecticism is also reflected in the combination of contrasting elements, such as different colored and thick glass bricks with terrazzo floors.

Statement of the jury

In addition to fashion, the »VOLGARE store« in Milan also sells motorbike accessories such as helmets. This unusual assortment is reflected in a highly creative way by the high-contrast interior design created by the Madrid studio Puntofilipino. From the floor of coarse-cut, predominantly black terrazzo to the walls made of orange glass bricks and the striking furniture, the multi-faceted interior does not appear arbitrary at all but embodies in its entirety a coherent concept that creates a special atmosphere – despite all the contrasts. The way in which influences from Mexican, Moroccan, Spanish and Portuguese design have been combined here in the form of colours, patterns and textures is evidence of great self-confidence and courage, which has, however, been rewarded with a distinctive interior.


Excellent Architecture
Retail Architecture