The only German every Belgian knows

The only German every Belgian knows


Belgians lose interest in the German language. Goethe asked TOA for a campaign to push students to study German and teachers to teach it. The insight was that everybody in Belgium knows the popular 90s German song: “Eins, Zwei, Polizei”, making it literally the only German every Belgian knows. We made a campaign that connects Germany and Belgium with its colors. The dynamic look and feel are young, motivating and creates stopping power. Campaign results were above all expectations.

Statement of the jury

The campaign by the »Goethe Institut Belgium« plays on the theory that many Belgians’ knowledge of German is limited only to the song line of the German pop hit »Eins, Zwei, Polizei« from the 1990s. At first glance, this seems a bit confusing, but it is funny, loud and, above all, quite clever.


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