Allerlei Spielkiste

Allerlei Spielkiste


The Allerlei Spielkiste is a multi-functional wooden toybox for children. Through its easy and unique plug-in system it takes just a few little steps to transform the Allerlei Spielkiste into a castle, horse, ship, car or airplane. Accessable from one side with also a blackboard finish on the outside, the Spielkiste offers various individual opportunities to play, also in larger groups, naturally supporting and encouraging the childrens fantasy and imagination. Potential bounds are overcome during the process of play.

Jury statement

The Allerlei Spielkiste is a robust, virtually indestructible product made with long-term use in mind, for example in daycare centers. The storage solution inside the box is also ingenious. A lovingly and thoughtfully designed analog toy that is sure to find its place in the child’s world despite the mass availability of digital games on the market.


Excellent Product Design