At Home in Germany – Deutsche Annington Annual Report 2014

At Home in Germany – Deutsche Annington Annual Report 2014


The habitat people choose for themselves is a highly personal issue. We create an access barrier. The reader can enter the tenant’s apartment only by manipulating a perforation. Visual impressions (close-ups) and haptics (paper pleasant to the touch) create a high degree of immediacy, showing openness and closeness. Succinct answers to tenants’ questions reveal the company’s attitude and are authenticated by concise, real life stories from tenants. The feeling of security leads us directly to the concept of “home”.

Statement of the jury

The report does not merely treat the provision of rental housing as a business, but posits a friendly, more personal relationship with the tenants in their homes. This is shown in wonderful, emotional photos and in the overall design, which is of very high quality. Haptic effects enhance the impression as well. This combination distinguishes this report from the usual run-of-the-mill reports in a very positive way.


Excellent Communications Design