Pocket Inflatable Snowshoe

Pocket Inflatable Snowshoe


The Revolution Model Pocket Snowshoes are inflatable on demand, light, compact and user-friendly. They fold down into two small bags – weighing 615 g. The snowshoes are therefore easy to take anywhere anytime, so that users are always prepared, even for unexpected snowfall. Their unique design allows the boots to make solid contact with the snow surface and provides excellent traction, while keeping users from sinking into the snow.

Statement of the jury

The inflatable snowshoe adds dynamism and innovation to this increasingly popular winter sport. Well-designed details, high-quality craftsmanship and compact packing dimensions combined with the high air volume not only results in a brand-new look, but also enhances the pleasure of your sports and leisure activities on level ground, during ascent and even on easy descents. Thus, Small Foot provides the ideal combination of winter hiking and deep-snow adventure in conjunction with a unique design never before seen in snow.


Excellent Product Design