KNIPEX ErgoStrip

KNIPEX ErgoStrip


The KNIPEX ErgoStrip is the first universal dismantling tool for all common cables in the house. The ErgoStrip replaces several tools and permits fast, accurate dismantling and stripping of round cable and cable suitable for use in damp areas, data cable and coax cable. The innovative, ergonomic pistol handle design offers a further functional side. The ErgoStrip is equipped with stripping and dismantling cutters, lengthwise cutters, locating ridges and length scale.

Jury statement

Who would have thought that cable stripping could be fun? Well, it can be – when you use a tool like the KNIPEX ErgoStrip. Not only is the handle optimally designed in terms of its ergonomics – it sits in the hand like a gun – but it also rolls several tools into one to deliver perfect results at all times.


Excellent Product Design