Berliner Brandstifter Berlin Vodka (43,3 % Vol.)

Berliner Brandstifter Berlin Vodka (43,3 % Vol.)


The essence of Berlin Vodka lies in the familiar scent of wild gardens that greets you as you stroll through the city’s parks and streets. Botanicals native to Berlin such as the wild rose, violet root, elderflower, blackcurrant and cornflower, complete the vodka with floral, fresh and complex notes. The distillate’s mild character is a result of the process of 7-fold filtration as well as the special selection of the finest sugar beets.

Jury statement

The minimalist, silver design, with its pleasant graphical elements, features a very sophisticated appearance and visually underscores the purity of the vodka. The red accents lend the design a higher level of recognizability.

Special Mention

Excellent Communications Design