Hi Five

Hi Five


Hi Five is a restaurant near Munich offering locally and biologically produced burgers. The design is closely tied to the gastronomical concept – an American product is influenced by local conditions. Therefore, furniture and lampshades are produced by local workshops, using mostly regional materials. Fragments of both cultures are redesigned to build a new, special character. The wall cladding, typically installed in Bavarian pubs, is reinterpreted to create the central element.

Statement of the jury

The interior of this burger bar adheres to a delightfully clear, simple and minimalistic design concept throughout, dealing with regional resources in a conscious and sensitive manner to achieve a high level of credibility and authenticity. Inspired by two cultures (US and Bavarian), everything about the design from the custom-made furniture to the wall graphics works to harmonious, homogeneous effect without denying its traditional roots. This environment is both contemporary and resolutely independent.


Excellent Communications Design
Interior Achitecture