imagno „Farm“

imagno „Farm“


imagno “Farm” is an interactive building block set for young children. At first sight, they seem to be traditional wooden blocks – but they have a high-tech heart. Hence animal figures can be programmed via an app, so that when the proper blocks are connected, an appropriate animal sound is heard. When a figure is completed an acoustic reward is given like an animal name, a song or a story. The “Farm” set is in German and English, and further figures and language packages are available as downloads.

Jury statement

Wooden building blocks are among the endangered species of toys in contemporary children’s rooms. imagno “Farm” makes use of a great approach to preserve the didactically valuable toy from extinction, as it combines the analogue design language of the building blocks with the digital technology of contemporary smartphones in an appealingly simple way: the child puts together the elements of a typical farmyard animal, which, as soon as it is completed, produces a sound typical of its species. Accompanying stories are told or songs struck up for a sing-along. A lovely surprise that brings the building blocks to life even beyond the imagination of the child. The toy also promotes social interaction between the child and its parents, as the latter must share their smartphone with the child for this purpose.


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