German Design Award 2019 Newcomer - Luzia Hein

Luzia Hein

Newcomer 2019

Luzia Hein studied Graphic Design in Mainz and Hamburg and gained her master's degree with distinction in 2017. Her focus is on lettering, design in space and corporate design. She also works on graphic patterns and their interdisciplinary use in various media.


Janina Hünerberg

»Good design should inspire a high degree of confidence in the user and make the product easy to understand.«

BIRD for Nemo Lighting

Bernhard Osann

»Finding simple answers to complex questions poses a great challenge, as does the responsible use of resources.«

IO Astrophotography System

Kai Rump

»I would say that good industrial design in the 21st century is design that demonstrably takes all fields of activity into account in order to produce an optimal result for the user.«

Creativity of the Machine

Maximilian Goßler

»A teaming up of man and machine could produce great leaps forward in many areas in the future.«

Test setup Object 01

Sebastian Viering

»In my opinion, the environment and sustainability should always play an important role, even in projects that do not deal specifically with problems of this kind.«


Peter Schmidt - Personality of the Year 2019 | © Dominik Odenkirchen, 2017

Peter Schmidt

Personality of the Year 2019

The Jury’s comments: Peter Schmidt is unrivalled in his holistic approach to brand design.

Although not many consumers will know him by name, there is hardly anyone who won't be familiar with the countless logos, packaging and products he has worked on: from Apollinaris, Arzberg and 4711 to Laura Biagiotti, Jil Sander and Joop – over the years Peter Schmidt has lent his hand to major brands, which still bear his signature. He has also designed many magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar. And the perfume bottle he designed for Jil Sander has even been featured from time to time in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Peter Schmidt currently works with his partners Daniel Belliero, Marcel Zandée and Carsten Corleis, under the trade name THE STUDIOS - PETER SCHMIDT DANIEL BELLIERO MARCEL ZANDÉE CARSTEN CORLEIS, serving an international clientele. Among other projects, in 2015 he created the new design for the Bocksbeutel PS. In 2016 he and his team produced a complete design relaunch for DKMS to mark its 25th anniversary.

The sets he has designed for the theatre, opera and ballet, working since the 1990s for luminaries such as John Neumeier, Director of the Hamburg Ballet, testify to his partiality for these art forms. He also masterminded the remodelling of the Hamburg State Opera House, as well as the concert hall in Bamberg. Schmidt's passion for theatre and opera, which he discovered at an early age in his home town of Bayreuth, is reflected in his approach to brand design: he creates a stage on which the brand can move like a dancer, unfolding its own unique character.

A spectacular mirror of the zeitgeist, Peter Schmidt’s work has had a decisive influence on the development of German brands over the past few decades.

Public Choice Winner 2019: Solitaire 9025

Solitaire 9025/Pelipal GmbH

Public Choice 2019

In addition to the judgement of the international jury, the public also had the opportunity to vote for their favourite in recent weeks.

Users of the ‘Design Explorer’ app have chosen the Pelipal GmbH for their bathroom furniture series Solitaire 9025 to receive the 2019 Public Choice Award.