Smell Memory Tools

Essi Johanna Glomb

»I combine classic craft processes with findings from science and design and work with new technologies.«


Frauke Zoë Taplik

»I encounter stimulating issues and forms of expression when I am out and about and when I step outside my comfort zone.«

venous catheter 'Cevec'

Gabriel Müller

»As a designer, it’s important for me to take a stance with regard to these questions, since in our work we also conceptualise an idea of humanity and communicate a possible vision of the future.«

Yves Typeface

Luzia Hein

»Combining various design disciplines and creating an overall concept using a design vocabulary inspires me.«

Urban Terrazzo

Luisa Rubisch & Rasa Weber

»By transforming the traces of old architectures into new materials, we pursue a sustainable material development throughout the disciplines of architecture and design.«

Impressions of the award ceremony 2018 | Video: