Janina Hünerberg

»Good design should inspire a high degree of confidence in the user and make the product easy to understand.«

BIRD for Nemo Lighting

Bernhard Osann

»Finding simple answers to complex questions poses a great challenge, as does the responsible use of resources.«

IO Astrophotography System

Kai Rump

»I would say that good industrial design in the 21st century is design that demonstrably takes all fields of activity into account in order to produce an optimal result for the user.«

Creativity of the Machine

Maximilian Goßler

»A teaming up of man and machine could produce great leaps forward in many areas in the future.«

Test setup Object 01

Sebastian Viering

»In my opinion, the environment and sustainability should always play an important role, even in projects that do not deal specifically with problems of this kind.«


Jasper Morrison - Personality of the Year 2020, Photo Credit: Elena Mahugo

Jasper Morrison

Personality of the Year 2020

Jasper Morrison is undoubtedly one of the most important and interesting international industrial designers of our time. His design style, reduced to the essentials, is unmistakably in the tradition of Dieter Rams' design philosophy and at the same time influenced by the puristic, simple elegance of modern Japanese everyday design. Over the past decades - he founded his design studio Jasper Morrison Ltd in London in 1986 - Morrison has worked for numerous well-known companies and customers, designing furniture and other everyday products for them and even giving a tram its own distinctive identity. It is not his claim to be unmistakable, but rather "supernormal". What is intended is the meaningful, self-evident use of products, whereby function takes precedence over form. The latter is elegant, but does not necessarily have to make the designer recognizable. Both his London showroom and the "supernormal" exhibition, in which the products designed by Morrison are consciously presented alongside no-name everyday objects, prove that this understatement is not coquetry but is actively lived by the designer. With his designs, many of which have made it to renowned museums around the world, Morrison has shaped a design style that combines uncompromising function and timeless elegance in a special way. Accordingly, Jasper Morrison's award of the German Design Award Personality 2020 is only consequent.

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