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This compact aluminium case whose cover is replaced by rubber band, providing a new perspective for users to open a cardholder. When you untie the silicone band, the name cards slide out automatically. So, you can present the card intuitively. When you pull back the silicone band, the cards return into the case automatically too. From the top of the case, you can see how many cards are left inside can easily see. This is the beauty of simplicity and an extraordinary combination of materials.

Statement of the jury

This business card case features a captivating mechanism: Upon removing the rubber band, a spring pushes the cards out just far enough to be accessed easily by the user. The pared-down, puristic design is elegant and of high quality, and is further underscored by the use of brushed aluminium. A wonderful accessory that protects business cards against dirt and damage and acts as a perfect companion at any official event.


Excellent Product Design