Ottos O.F.B. (Over-Fired Broiler)

Ottos O.F.B. (Over-Fired Broiler)


Otto’s O.F.B. (Over-Fired Broiler) is a high-performance grill made for preparing the perfect steak, which brings steakhouse quality to your home. After a few minutes of pre-heating, it reaches temperatures of over 900 °C. Exposing meat to these temperatures triggers a Maillard reaction, forming an even crust on the steak’s surface. At the core of the grill are two infrared gas units, which emit infrared heat from the top. This produces grill results that cannot be replicated with any other method.

Statement of the jury

Ottos OFB enables everyone to barbecue like an expert. The operation of the grill is very simple and self-explanatory. A compact design that promises perfect barbecue results.


Excellent Product Design
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