Berliner Bock

Berliner Bock


BERLINER BOCK. Humorous, sustainably produced home office-desk. Each body part of the trestle has a certain function: the leg position provides more moving space for the user; the back carries the table top which is covered with linoleum, the »neck« and »head« hold the table top and the shelf. The BERLINER BOCK thus marks the starting signal for a series named »Designelements« and extends the bespoke Sudbrock range by adding a modern, lightweight and mobile furniture range made in East Westfalia.

Statement of the jury

The design brilliantly and innovatively translates a classic saw horse into a functional desk frame. The built-in storage is excellent, and the step position of the inside leg provides plenty of legroom under the desk. A refreshingly simple product that is also sustainable.


Excellent Product Design
Office Furniture