perspektive – Das Web-Magazin der Schwenninger Krankenkasse

perspektive – Das Web-Magazin der Schwenninger Krankenkasse


The web magazine perspektive of the Schwenninger Krankenkasse offers an unusual content mix with a modern, responsive design. The slogan reads »More Bento than Apotheken Umschau«. That’s why there are fewer topics typical of health insurance companies, but more stories directly from life that entertain, convey knowledge, are courageous and surprising. The online magazine subtly reflects the company values and boldly stands out from the uniformity of health magazines.

Statement of the jury

The online magazine of this German health insurer provides interesting and entertaining articles about daily life, while keeping the number of »usual« health insurance topics to a minimum. The result is a modern and responsive online magazine that’s in step with the times.


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