Mondriaan Huis

Mondriaan Huis


The Mondrian House in Amersfoort, The Netherlands has been renovated to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the De Stijl art movement. Tinker imagineers created and produced the multimedia concept as well as a new design for the interior, covering everything from the entrance, café, and shop to the routing and atmosphere. The challenging premise was that most of the artist’s original works are in museums all over the world. The assignment was to tell Mondrian’s life story in a new way.

Statement of the jury

The daring concept of »replacing« missing original works with a complex media installation was implemented in an impressively intriguing fashion. The result is an inebriatingly visual experience that brings Mondrian’s life and work into the present in a contemporary fashion. A successful mix of digital and analog elements that’s opulent but by no means brash, and that’s informative but without overwhelming the visitor; plus it offers an appealing interior decor that promotes genuine enjoyment and relaxation. An altogether successful and innovative approach to art installations.


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