Street Cinema

Street Cinema


In the daytime, the pavilion functions as an urban island, a meeting place and open-air theatre, while at night it turns into an open-air cinema. Street Cinema is a public multimedia installation that revisits the mechanisms for the direct spread of information which emerged during the early Soviet period in Russia. Through the logic of constructivism, the design references the Soviet Agit-Trains, that became the most rapid and effective way to interact and unite people all over the country.

Statement of the jury

In Russia’s early Soviet era, temporary street cinemas were an important medium for disseminating political information. Venice-based design practice Omri Revesz creates a collapsable Street Cinema installation, open in occasion of the 74th Venice Film Festival. A pavilion with an interesting scissor mechanism was created to form a multimedia installation that continues with this theme. Made of wood, metal and fabric, the design is based on traditional construction techniques. It is especially light and allows the pavilion to shrink in length and just as easily to be pulled apart again as required. A superb, minimalist construction that is perfectly suited to temporary activities such as exhibitions, cinemas, meeting points, restaurants, etc. We love the minimalist, cost-conscious idea, which was realised without a long construction period.


Excellent Architecture